Clean and Dry Testimonials



I am really particular about intimate hygiene especially because I travel a lot. I am sensitive to a lot of chemicals that are usually present in intimate hygiene products. But not the Clean and Dry range. The Clean and Dry Wash especially is perfect for me! It keeps my skin down there fresh and prevents bad odour all day long. It’s very effective! - Payal Nisar, 29, photographer, New Delhi


Clean And Dry Cream has been a blessing for me! I was diagnosed with Vaginitis and it was horrible! During the course of my treatment, my gynaec suggested I use this cream and I was so much better within a week. Really great product! - Sudha Nayar, 40, Teacher, Chennai


I used to have like the worst periods! During my heavy flow days I had irritation, itching and general discomfort in my vaginal area. It was a nightmare to go to college! But then my mom bought C&D Wash one day and told me to give it try. I wasn’t sure it will work, but it did - like a charm! It helped me feel better and definitely less icky. I absolutely love it! - Reema, 17, student, Kolkatta


I never really gave intimate hygiene that much thought, but then a friend of mine insisted that I should not use soap on my private area. Because apparently it’s very harsh for that area. Then I saw the ad for C&D Wash and decided to give it a try. From the first use itself, I noticed the difference clearly. It’s gentle on the skin and has made it softer and fresher. Thank you C&D for such a thoughtful product. - Krutika Shah, 25, Architect, Mumbai


The whole Clean and Dry range is quite brilliant! I have actually used every product in the range at some point or the other and I can confidently say they are all good! I prefer Clean and Dry Wash for daily use but if you’re suffering from extreme itching try the cream. For excessive wetness try the powder. It’s a complete solution.Tasneem C, 28, Entrepreneur, Hyderabad


I started using Clean and Dry Wash everyday and it really helped me get over my years old discharge problem. - Alisha Thakur, 34, Marketing Executive, Chandigarh


I used to experience a lot of itching and burning in that area. I went to my gynaec and she recommended Clean and Dry Cream. Within a week my problems reduced. - Swati Menon, 47 yrs, Housewife, Mangalore

I was always embarrassed about the wetness and yucky smell down there. But because I’m always exercising and dancing and sweating, it was really hard to find a solution. But then one of my friends told me about the C&D Powder. It really works! I feel so much fresher and cleaner now. - Shruti Khurana, 21 yrs, Dancer, Noida

I recently got married, as part of my wedding presents my friends gave me the entire clean and dry range too! I use it every day and can honestly feel a difference. Even my husband noticed the difference in me within a month!. - Shreya Kumar, 26 yrs, Make-up artist, Gujarat

I’ve been married for over 15 years. My relationship with my husband has always been good, but I had noticed the chemistry between us dying a little. I didn't know what to do. I spoke to one of my close friends about it. She told me not to worry and that all I needed was some self-confidence and Clean and Dry wash. I started using it every day and could see a difference - my skin down there felt softer and so much fresher. I guess the confidence showed because my husband seems to have fallen in love with me all over again. - Gurmeet Singh, 42 years, housewife, Punjab