INTIMATE HYGINE TIPS Clean and Dry Intimate Hygine Tips


We often talk and share our experiences and tips on skin care, hair, clothes, make-up, husbands and raising kids.
But we rarely discuss our health and hygiene, especially the health and hygiene of our most intimate, sensitive and important area.


Maintaining hygiene down below is extremely important for women, not just to feel cleaner and cooler, but to avoid unpleasant and sometimes dangerous health problems that may arise from it.

Here are some basic tips to feeling clean, fresh and confident down there:

1. Use Clean and Dry Daily Intimate Cleansing Foam Wash or Clean and Dry Daily Intimate Wash to cleanse the vaginal area and protect it from harmful bacteria and germs. Do it as a practice, just like showering or washing your face.


2. Using ordinary soap can disrupt the pH value of the intimate area causing dryness, discolouration and infection. So be careful and use only products designed specially to maintain the pH value of your sensitive, intimate skin.


3. It isn’t necessary to wash the vagina from inside. You should only wash your vulva, the vaginal lips and the area around the clitoris.


4. It's important to control wetness in the vaginal area since excess moisture may cause itching and bad odour. You could use an intimate powder like the Clean and Dry Intimate Powder. It absorbs wetness from excess vaginal discharge, perspiration and reduces odour. Keeping you fresh and odour-free all day.


5. After using the toilet wash your vagina to prevent transmission of any bacteria to the vagina. And wipe yourself with toilet paper from front to back i.e. from the vagina towards the anus.


6. Bath sponges and gloves can cause minor injuries to the soft and sensitive skin of the vagina. Instead, use your hands to wash that area.


7. Do not point running water directly to the vagina. Let the water run down from the top to prevent entry of bacteria inside.


8. The towel that you use to dry yourself after washing should be soft and completely dry. Change it every 2 to 3 days and don’t share it!


9. Wear everyday cotton underwear that lets your skin breathe. You can save the lace panties for special occasions. Also, avoid wearing very tight jeans and pants; they can cause discomfort and damage to your intimate area.


10. You can sprinkle Clean and Dry intimate powder on your panties, panty-liner or sanitary pads. It absorbs the extra wetness and keeps you fresh and odour-free all day.


11. Wash your intimate parts before and after sexual intercourse. Moreover, it is very important that your partner maintains a good intimate hygiene, too.

1. When you have your period, wash up at least twice a day with warm water.

2. Sex during menstruation carries risk for infections. If you are prone to infection, wait until your menstrual bleeding passes.

3. Change your sanitary pad every 4 hours, if possible. If you don’t, you are risking infection, rashes and a general lack of freshness.

4. You should never sleep with a tampon. The tampons should be changed regularly because they may cause infections or toxic shock syndrome, which is considered a potentially fatal disease. Do not use tampons if you have an infection.

1. To absorb moisture and help protect skin from chafing and irritation during a workout, apply Clean and Dry Daily Intimate Powder to the external genital area, or sprinkle on your underwear or pantyliners.


2. The vaginal area has greater number of sweat glands. Wear clothing made of cotton or breathable materials for proper ventilation. Avoid synthetic materials, they create and trap excess moisture in the vaginal area, making it an ideal environment for yeast and bacteria to grow.


3. To prevent chafing, wear workout gear that allows an easy movement and won't rub and irritate the sensitive skin.


4. It is important to remove all workout clothes, including underwear, and properly cleanse the vaginal area after an intense workout almost immediately.


5. Make sure you keep your sweaty clothes in separate bag and not mix it with the clean ones.