from Mumbai, India

Five girl struggles no one talks about.

by Clean and Dry

Being a woman itself is tough. Boobs to carry, a butt that refuses to stay in shape, having to look pretty all the time – it’s hard work. Then there’s babies, periods, unsubsidised san naps, you have to shave everything... it's a damn mess! To top it, we also get the, “you’re crazy or you make your life hard on purpose.”
That’s not true, and even if we girls chose to be difficult on purpose, it's only so the men can understand a little bit of the hardship we face on a daily basis!

Here are some of the struggles no one really brings up over coffee!

  1. Maybe you’re super unlucky but you've got your period while in the pool! Because it's so "bloody" unpredictable! If it’s happened to you and you’ve managed to live your life peacefully after, wow girl! You’re the real MVP!
  2. Wondering "if it's "Pretty". It can be stressful and time consuming. All vaginas look different, just like any other body part. So trust us: as long as yours is healthy, it looks perfect just the way it is.
  3. When you get your vagina waxed and bae has other plans. I mean… That sh%$ is painful. And while he’s probably the real loser – THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!
  4. Having to sit comfortably and at ease when the hair on your vagina is poking through your underwear. Oh yeah! That’s a thing. When your hair is growing back after a shave… It’s itchy, it’s sharp – it’s a struggle!
  5. Oh, and who hasn't discouraged or even turned down oral sex because you forgot to shower before getting frisky? This may just be one of life's biggest travesties. Don’t you think?

We hope this blog post has put you at ease in a way and helped you realise, you’re not alone. It’s okay to have “intimate area” struggles just keep a Clean And Dry intimate care foam wash with you! (By the way, have you tried it? It''s so caring, so gentle, so protective!) Ok now enough of that already, it does that to me every time! Yes girls, it’s okay to talk about it and it’s also okay to be an occasional bi%$*!