from Mumbai, India


by Clean and Dry

Kinds of girls on their periods
“Girl, you are not needy, just high maintenance.” And that’s okay, we all are.
You’d think that after having so many periods, we’d have it all under control by now. We don’t. We’re still staining public surfaces (and we’re sorry!) and we’re still throwing away the undergarments that our periods have ruined (gross but true).
Those bloody 4-7 days can have us acting like a whole other personality. On that note, here’s accepting every kind of girl on her period – the girls that are completely dysfunctional and the girls for which it’s just another day.

1. The ‘I JUST WANT TO CRY, OKAY!’ girls
Crying hits us like inspiration. We could be shopping at the mall all day when suddenly we feel the urge to sit down and cry. Or maybe start crying over the fact that somebody left the toilet seat up. And crying because we don’t get why we’re crying. Frustrating is an understatement but feeling clean down there helps, try switching to an intimate wash. It caters specially to your intimate area and leaves it feeling revived in a way.

That time of the month where in these dammed hormones cause us to eat any and every thing in plain sight. Girls are fairly prepared for this, so we stock up on all the food we might crave and also have a cheeky bit extra, unusual to what we normally eat. What? We deserve it! If we may say so ourselves.

3. The ‘PERIODS ARE NO JOKE’ girls
Some of us shrug at even the thought that our periods might be approaching. Because for those 4-7 days its excruciating pain – cramps that don’t allow you to walk, sit, stand basically don’t let you do anything! Some of us might even break out in sweat and faint from the pain – periods are literally no joke. Here’s a tip, use the Clean and Dry Daily Intimate Powder to help you feel better on those dreaded days.

Yep, this one’s about the girls that get angry for no apparent reason. We will ice you out for hours on end and threaten to get a judge involved because you are the worst human on the planet and we will not tolerate you any longer! Gosh! You breathe so loudly!

5. The ‘#BLESSED’ girls!
Forget what you know about what it means to be #blessed. Those of you who are unaffected by your periods are the ones who are truly #BLESSED. If it’s a bleed, absorb, throw, change, repeat relationship, it’s a life worth living!

We all know that time of month is rough. We bloat, break out and look ratchet. We’re emotionally vulnerable and sometimes irrational, so we don’t feel our best either. But you know what helps? Talking about it #STOP PERIOD SHAMING#START CHATTING!