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From a mother to her daughter

Intimate hygiene and everything else you would want to talk to her about.

Help her understand her body

During your daughter’s puberty.

1. What is puberty?
It will be easier for your daughter if you answer this question and then some that might be plaguing your daughter’s mind. Like, ‘it’s not here yet? Am I not old enough? What are these red spots on my clothes? Why is this happening? Or not happening?’ Talk to her about the bodily changes that she will go through, such as hair growth in private parts, changes in body shape and breast development.

2. “Why? Why me? Why us girls?”
Here’s an easy way for you to explain to your baby girl the whys and whats of periods without scaring her.

“Imagine it is winter, you have bought sweaters and jackets and scarves and body warming inners in preparation. You wear it all and step out. And suddenly realise it’s 40 degrees Celsius. You have no option but to keep wearing all those winter clothes. Till finally, you sweat and feel very, very uncomfortable and decide it’s of no use, the weather is too hot! You take it all off and keep only the basics, while throwing the unwanted clothes away. Phew! Now you are back to normal.
Similarly your body prepares for a baby. It builds up all the nourishment and everything the baby needs to grow strong and healthy. When you do get pregnant, this is of great use. But till then, every month the womb needs to get rid of all these extras. This getting rid process is a period.”



You are her best friend during her periods. You have been through it all and your young daughter needs all the help and soothing advise she can get. Especially during her first few periods. Talk to your daughter. Here are some questions you might face and of course the answers too:

      Q: Mom, I feel like eating a lot of chocolates and burgers and fries and cheesy pizzas during my periods?
      A: Try not to. You need to eat healthy and light so your stomach is not full and hurting with indegestion. Eat fresh fruits! It helps in soothing your digestive system so you don’t feel uncomfortable all day.

      Q: Mom, can I take a pain killer my stomach hurts?
      A: Heating pads! You know they are the best. Not only do they feel cozy but also help lessen pain from period cramps. Worst case scenario, she can take a pain killer but don’t make it a regular thing. Make sure she doesn’t pop a pill without the good doctor’s permission.

      Q: Mom, I am going out for coffee.
      A: Sure but remember, drink less coffee. Caffeine causes your body to retain more water making you feel bloated and might also worsen the already painful cramps.

      Q. Mom, why does my skinny jeans feel uncomfortable?
      A: Don’t wear tight jeans during periods. Opt for flowy dresses and loose pants instead. They will make you feel relaxed.

      Q. Mom, why do I feel irritable and “eecky”?
      A. Take warm water baths with an intimate wash. Change your san-nap regularly to feel clean and comfortable.

      Q. Why do I cry so easily?
      A. You can get more emotional when you are on your period. You might get anxious or stressed easily due to hormonal changes. This is PMS – Premenstrual syndrome. So if you are PMSing go out and enjoy the sun, natural daylight boosts your serotonin and dopamine and will help you feel fresh.

      Q. Maaaaaa, pimples!!?
      A. You might start getting pimples on your skin. It’s because you tend to have oilier skin during periods. So use exfoliating products that make you feel fresh and dry out the excess oil so that you tackle pimples before they pop out to say hi!

      Q. My legs hurt so much?
      A. Your legs might feel heavy, tired and achy due to pre-menstrual fluid retention. Wearing support tights will make you feel relieved.

      Q. I feel cramping?
      A. Drink lots of water! Staying hydrated can help you avoid cramps.

      Q. I don’t want to do anything, mom!
      A. You might feel tired or lazy during your period. Exercising is the best way to deal with fatigue and boost your mood.

When she starts experimenting!

As, parents you sometimes find it tough to understand how much your child has grown. You still want to pick it all – college, career, clothes, curfew time, friends, the perfect husband!

You must advise not order.
Research shows, that moms who play an advisory role in their daughters lives connect better than rule-makers! There is a higher chance she’ll actually listen to you if you sit and reason with her. Don’t force a career path or a husband upon her.

Your love and concern is always appreciated.
Career decisions are for a lifetime, who wants to be in a job they hate! So please don’t force them upon your child. Today there are so many choices and career options. Let your child take an informed decision with your support of course.

Value her because of who she is.
Not what she does. Be proud of her no matter what. Your happiness and support is what matters most to her. Don’t deny her that.


She feel pressured into having sex but she’s not ready.
Look for the signs and help her with some sound mom advise.

      1. Tell her, she needs to discuss this pressure in a polite but firm way.
      For example, if he asks you if you want to go home with him, you can say “thank you for inviting me. But let’s meet up when my friends can join too” Acknowledge the request while remaining confident and polite.

      2. Tell the person ‘no’ and explain why.
      Do not avoid saying no. It is important to be confident and clear so that they know you are serious. You can give either one of the explanations:
      1. You are interested in him but not for a sexual relationship.
      2. You need more time before you move to the next phase of your relationship.

      3. Appreciate him and your time together.
      After you say no, you can follow it up by saying ‘he is a great friend’. Say this sincerely and explain why he is such a good friend. This can take away the awkwardness and remind him of the setting and situation.

5 Reasons your daughter should visit a gynaecologist regularly.

      1. It’s her chance to connect.
      She should have a trusting relationship with her doctor. Many of the most common conditions that affect female health, including HPV, breast cancer and cervical cancer, can exist in your body without any symptoms or signs. Annual visits will keep her updated catch any changes that may indicate that something is not quite right.

      2. Her questions will be answered thoughtfully and completely.
      You and the internet are a wonderful resource but it’s always good to get a professional opinion. She will be able to ask any questions or share information more freely in the strictly confidential environment.

      3. Be on the forefront of modern medical science.
      The rapid evolution of technology has changed the medical playing field, from diagnostic tests and treatments to new innovations in contraception and permanent birth control options. This is vital information that your daughter needs access to.

Marriage and the changes

It’s not going to be all hearts and flowers after marriage. Make your daughter understand the challenges that she might face.

      1. No rash decisions.
      Being married will not allow her to make random decisions, as everything in her life will also concern her husband and his family.

      2. Her personal needs may take a backseat.
      She may not be able to explore all the adventures she desires as she has to think of the needs and wants of her husband too.

      3. Lots of responsibilities.
      She might have to take on household responsibilities, look after her in-laws and be there for her extended family as well. She will have to compromise to maintain a great and healthy relationship with everyone.

Ab Sehna nahin Seekhna hain

You go to extreme ends to make sure your family gets everything they want or need. We know as a mother you are used to putting others before yourself and your family loves you for it. Its time you show the same care and love for your own body. Put an end to the suffering and pain because your health has to be your priority.

When you feel itching and burning down there.
Don’t ignore these signs of infection because without proper care it could only get worse. Use Clean and Dry Cream twice a day for 5 days. It is gentle and packed with the amazing healing powers of clotrimazol, which when applied to the affected area instantly starts the healing process.

How to use it?
First, thoroughly clean the infected area with water. Allow it to dry, and then gently rub Clean and Dry Cream until most of it disappears. Use just enough medication to cover the affected area.

Periods can cause extra wetness, rashes and odour. Solution?
Clean and Dry Powder.
It’s common to feel uncomfortable during periods due to wet san-pads that cause rashes, itching and odour. Maintaining poor hygiene during these days can also lead to infection. Just sprinkle some Clean and Dry Powder on your sanitary napkin or underpants. It will soak up the extra wetness and keep you fresh, odour-free all day long.

Why use Clean and Dry Intimate Wash when there is soap?
Because, the pH Balance of your intimate area is very low compared to soap. Using regular soap disturbs the natural balance and can even cause infection. With its perfect pH Clean and Dry Intimate Wash gently cleanses, soothes the vaginal area and keeps it safe from infections and symptoms like rashes, burning, odour and white discharge. So it’s time to switch to special care for your intimate area.