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8 out of10 women suffer from vaginal infections

10% women visit a gynecologist of which 20% suffer from vaginitis


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Enough suffering! Now is the time to empower!

MidasCare led by an all women team of Mrs. Sangithaa Gupta, MD and Ms Shivangi Gupta, Director put together vast resources across R&D, formulation and manufacturing. After years of research, the R&D team achieved a scientific breakthrough - Clean and Dry, India’s no.1 intimate expert range was launched. In just 6 years, the brand won the trust of over 6.5 million women and created a category that now has over 7 international and national brands competing.

Women are now empowered with knowledge.

CLEAN AND DRY brought feminine hygiene out of the dark ages and onto the front shelves of chemists across India and this is no simple achievement. In less than 6 years, today, CLEAN AND DRY EXPERT INTIMATE HYGIENE RANGE is on shows like BIG BOSS and across every popular TV show and channel, a transformation that we are truly proud of!