from Mumbai, India

37 Fun Learning

by Clean and Dry

1. What is the relation between Cranberries & UTI?
Well, for one, cranberry juice is linked to good bladders and UTI-free tracts. In fact, history shows that even the Native Americans used cranberries as a natural treatment for bladder and kidney diseases. The reason for this is that cranberries contain significant amount of salicylic acid, which helps reduce swellings and prevents blood clots. Back to today though, they say it can even do double duty to prevent and relieve the symptoms of urinary tract infections (UTI). There are two schools of thought as to how this works. One school of thought suggests that the acidic compounds cranberries contain go down into your urine and beat up the bacteria before it has a chance to cause any infections, keeping your vaginal area in balanced pH heaven. The other school of thought is that the chemicals in cranberries actually prevent the bacteria from sticking to your bladder wall or urinary tract. In particular, cranberries contain proanthocyanidins that possess anti-clinging properties, so that the bacteria doesn’t get a chance to multiply further but is instead flushed out with your urine. Clean & Dry products let you can enjoy all the benefits of cranberry where it is needed most, to help support a healthy intimate pH and leave you feeling protected!

2. What is the relation between Yogurt & UTI?
Yogurt is a super food in the fight against the UTI. It contains probiotics, helpful bacteria, which reduce the harmful bacteria not only in the urinary tract but also throughout the body, including the digestive system and vagina. Yogurt can be especially helpful in preventing a yeast infection that may occur from antibiotics used to treat the UTI. Please note: not all yogurts have active probiotics, check the label. Also avoid sweetened yogurts because they have added sugars, instead, sweeten it yourself. Clean & Dry products let you can enjoy all the benefits of yogurt where it is needed most, to help support a healthy intimate pH and leave you feeling protected!

3. Christmas gifts to self! #1
Beauty Sleep This is one thing we could all use! Unfortunately it’s also the one thing we hardly ever get to enjoy. It’s time to schedule in one day a week for catching up on rest. Hang up a calendar where everyone can see it, and write in big bold letters so everyone knows they can’t disturb you that morning, even if it’s for just two hours extra. If you have children, ask your husband if he could so kindly watch the kids for you, or get a babysitter to come in so you can return to bed. Those extra winks could be just what you need to feel reenergized to tackle the week ahead! ‘Gift to self’ idea: A beautifully designed calendar which could also be of great use when you need to mark that time of the month to give your husband a heads up. Speaking of that time of the month, make sure you use Clean & Dry’s range of intimate products to keep you feeling healthy and fresh down there.

4. Christmas gifts to self! #2
A healthy diet Feeling like you can’t enjoy a lovely Christmas dinner complete with plum cake because your weight has been on the increase? Before you turn to crash dieting, embrace healthy fruits and veggies that can keep you feeling full without chucking on the calories. Try a yummy strawberry, peach, yogurt and coconut water smoothie, or a super fit baby spinach, mango and banana smoothie! Not only are smoothies an amazing diet food, but they are also packed with nutritious goodness your body will love and thank you for! ‘Gift to self’ idea: An easy-to-use juicer that will keep you motivated. Clean & Dry products let you can enjoy all the benefits of fruits and juices to help support a healthy intimate pH and leave you feeling protected!

5. Christmas gifts to self! #3
More Clothes Your wardrobe is bursting at the doors, and yet the timeless dilemma every morning: “What to wear?” If you feel like your fashion mojo is in a rut, and you’re itching for a wardrobe overhaul – now is the time to have a major clear out and stock in. Opt for cotton clothes and undergarments as it lets your intimate area breathe, keeping you feeling fresh and confident. ‘Gift to self’ idea: A trip to the mall with an arm workout! Clean & Dry products help support a healthy intimate pH and leave you healthy and fresh!

6. Christmas gifts to self! #4
More you time. Ahhhhh something to remind us of who we are. A time to reminisce, reflect and feel revived! Whether it’s lazing in the bath, writing in a journal, or engaging in your favourite hobby, make time to do these things! Discovering a new hobby is also a fun thing you can explore, so gather a few friends and take up a new cooking course, or join a new exercise class. Keeping your mind happy has got to be one of the best gifts you can give oneself! ‘Gift to self’ idea: Sign up for something new, or treat yourself to something you love. Get yourself the Clean & Dry product range to keep your intimate area as healthy and fresh as your mind.

7. Christmas gifts to self! #5
Confidence! This is what you step out with to conquer each day! Confidence may stem from different things for us – maybe it’s those pumps you wear that make you feel on top of the world, or starting the day with a fresh face or freshly manicured nails. But something which nobody can see can also do a whole lot in making you feel confident! Clean & Dry is here to boost your confidence! No itch, no odours, no funny feeling that makes you unsure of yourself. Stay on top of your vaginal health. Be healthy and be you! ‘Gift to self’ idea: Health, confidence and happiness with Clean & Dry’s intimate range of products.

8. Let’s Talk about pregnancy with the squad!
There’s never an age too young for more information on pregnancy. It’s important to teach the young ladies in your life the luxury and quality of growing up and living and learning prior to getting pregnant. However, pregnant women should also feel like they can talk about the hormonal changes they’re going through. Your best friend might not bring up the excessive odour or vaginal discharge that has taken over since she got pregnant, but she probably wants to. So make sure the little ladies know to live their life before taking on the major responsibility of becoming a mother, and let your adult friends know that you’re there to let them discuss (and complain) about their pregnancy hormones.

9. Let’s Talk about proper hygiene with the squad!
It’s shocking how many ladies have actually never talked about proper feminine hygiene. Every girl grows up knowing she has to wash but very rarely are girls taught how to do so properly. As females, washing with some generic soap that the entire family uses can be harmful to vaginal pH levels. This can result in bad odour, irritation, discomfort and symptoms that often go ignored because they’re embarrassing. So approach girl talks with the topic of proper hygiene and the importance of quality feminine products. This can also be a great opener to discuss the weird symptoms that can happen down there.

10. Let’s Talk about Infections, illnesses, and diseases with the squad!
The one topic that should never be ignored during girl talk is the risk of infection, illness and/or disease. A female doesn’t have to be grown or sexually active to be susceptible to any of them. In fact, something as simple as synthetic fabrics or tight clothing can increase their risk of yeast infections, fungal infections, and skin irritations. On the opposite side of the spectrum, every lady deserves to have knowledge on the more serious issues such as HIV and sexually-transmitted illnesses. So don’t limit girl talk to cute boys. Talk about the serious stuff that can follow too. Sexual education and physical education classes can only teach females so much. Prepare the young women in your life, squad or household by tackling these girl talk topics today. A smarter woman is a safer one. So don’t let a little discomfort of a topic get in the way of discussing things that matter.

11. Why should you sleep naked?
Tight, vag-hugging undies can be a warm, moist breeding ground for the bacteria that causes infections, and letting your vagina air out overnight by sleeping nude can help keep you healthy and clean. Sleeping naked reduces the ability of those bacteria to overwhelm the normal healthy vaginal flora. Use Clean & Dry products to stay protected and healthy down there.

12. Food for vaginal health. #1
Eat more: Green leafy veggies Of course, all vegetables are packed with antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals to strengthen your immune system and keep yeast infections at bay. They also flush out the icky fungal poisons from your system, and green leafy veggies are best at getting the job done. So consider having a green salad for lunch, ordering more leafy greens at your next dinner, and swapping a fruit juice for a veggie juice when you’re thinking of what to get at the hawker centre juice stall.

13. Food for vaginal health. #2
Eat more: Fish Fish is highly popular for the omega 3 fatty acids it contains, which help reduce inflammation in our body – useful to relieve some of the symptoms of yeast infections. Isn’t this an exceptionally good reason to indulge in another trip to a Japanese restaurant and nosh on some super fresh tuna or mackerel sushi? Or dig into that teriyaki salmon bento set at the food court!

14. Food for vaginal health. #3
Eat more: Probiotics If you’re prone to yeast infections, probiotics will become your best friend to restore your healthy probiotic flora and protect against chronic infections. Besides taking a probiotics supplement, you can also get these “friendly bacteria” from plain yogurt, yogurt drinks, and probiotic drinks – you know, those little ones with loads of lactobacillus in them! ;)

15. Food for vaginal health. #4
Eat more: Soya Bean This one’s for ladies experiencing a little vaginal dryness. Foods like soya bean actually contain phytoestrogens that can help in this area, though studies show it doesn’t work for all women. But hey, it’s worth a shot right? In any case, it’s never easy to turn down a really yummy soy milk or tauhuey! Beansprouts have also been recommended for limiting yeast growth too, but we’re sorry there’s still no evidence whether that hot-plate tofu is going to help though!

16. Food for vaginal health. #5
Eat more: Winter melon Winter melon (also commonly known in Chinese as dong gua) is packed with super powers of detoxification. It also helps to strengthen the spleen and spleen meridian, which are important towards a balanced vaginal environment. You can easily add this to the meals you cook at home – in soups, congees, stir-frys – but you can also cook it with water and a tiny bit of sugar to make a delicious and refreshing winter melon tea.

17. Food bad for vaginal health. #1
Eat less: Sugar Sugar is probably one of the top villains working against a healthy va-jay-jay. When you have a yeast infection, the more sugar you consume, the more you’re actually feeding the yeast, and helping them grow and thrive. The World Health Organization actually recommends about six teaspoons or 25 grams for most adults – and six teaspoons of sugar is what goes into one cup of your favourite bubble milk tea, so you might want to ask for less sugar, and take it less frequently!

18. Food bad for vaginal health. #2
Eat less: Greasy food A prominent factor in gynaecological problems lies in greasy food. It’s very normal for us to eat light the whole day and then “pig out” after work. Unfortunately what this does is it makes our spleen work extra hard, and it can lead to problems like dampness and vaginal itching. Unfortunately, this means your favourite char kway teow, murtabak, nasi goreng sayur, most curries – including that yummilicious laksa lemak and green curry – now have to go on the “eat less often” list. It might make your tummy sad, but it’ll make elsewhere much happier!

19. Food bad for vaginal health. #3
Eat less: Yeasty, mouldy foods Eating loads of foods that contain yeast or mold will only set you up for a potential yeast infection or make the one you have even worse. You might not think about it, but this includes a lot of the foods we eat every day. All breads and pastries, cheese, milk, ketchup, soya sauce, chilli sauce, MSG, hot dogs, mushrooms, melons, fruit juice, root beer, alcohol, even fermented dishes like miso, kimchi and tempeh, all need to be taken in moderation.

20. Foods make the vagina smell good and bad.
Since the foods you eat can influence the pH levels of your nether regions, it also changes the way it smells and tastes. For instance, if you eat strong spices, curry, onions, garlic, dairy, red meat, seafood, asparagus, broccoli, coffee, or alcohol, you know, foods that make you sweat more… it’s natural that they will do the same for your vagina. It’s also been said that eating sweet foods like fruits, especially pineapples, could help you smell and taste better, but nothing’s been scientifically proven. Whatever it is, eating healthy, fresh food is always better than highly processed and oily food, and a healthier you means a healthier vagina. Clean & Dry products let you can enjoy all the benefits of a healthy diet, to help support a healthy intimate pH and leave you feeling protected!

21. I’m still young. I don’t need to worry about my health yet, right?
Don’t wait till you’ve fallen ill to realize how important health is. It’s certainly wise to listen to what mum had nagged a lot about this – drink lots of water, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, and eat good nourishing foods. One thing mum may not have taught, however, is how to care for vaginal health! Sure, she might have touched a little on periods and what goes where, but she may have left out other super important stuff, leaving you wondering half the time if that odour or itch is normal, clueless about what the pH level of your vagina should be, or what type of intimate wash you should be using. Well, no worries Mummy dearest, we’ve got your girl covered right here. It’s never too late to learn some of these lessons and make a change in our lives towards greater happiness and good mental, physical and emotional health! And never mind if your mother never taught you these things – you can make sure you share them with your little ones in the future. ;)

22. Is it normal for my vagina to turn blue? #ImPregnant
If you look down there and see your vulva looking a little blue, there’s no need to panic. This is actually very common in pregnant women. It’s called the Chadwick’s sign and is caused by the increased blood flow in your nether regions. So don’t worry. Your vagina’s signature colour changing to a blue or purple tone is completely harmless. Instead, it may be celebratory as this may even be the first real sign that you are, in fact, pregnant. Congratulations! And yes, Clean & Dry’s product range is suitable for pregnant women, in fact we highly recommend it for you.

23. Why are there varicose veins on my vagina? #ImPregnant
Speaking of colour changes, the blue or purple tinge may appear in more ways than one. As a result of the increased blood flow to your lady parts combined with pregnancy hormones, varicose veins may start sprouting in the areas you never thought were possible. This can be nothing more than unsightly, but they can also be painful. Just take it easy with lots of warm baths, products curated for sensitive skin like Clean & Dry, exercise and avoid sitting for excessive amounts of time.

24. My vaginal discharge is getting out of hand! Why? #ImPregnant
Just when you think you get a 9-month break from your menstrual cycle, your vagina gives you a just-as-undesirable symptom of pregnancy. An increase in vaginal discharge is quite common, as your body takes in an abundance of pregnancy hormones that further activate your mucous membranes. Although a milky discharge is highly annoying, it’s quite harmless and can actually help maintain a healthy vaginal pH level and balance throughout your pregnancy.

25. Do I have a higher risk of UTIs and yeast infections? #ImPregnant
You’re about to experience vaginal discharge more than you ever thought was possible. When you’re pregnant, you’re at a higher risk of infections as the pregnancy hormones take your vaginal pH levels for a spin. As you likely already know, there’s nothing fun about a UTI or yeast infection. So be thankful for that overload of vaginal discharge, use feminine products like Clean & Dry that balance your vaginal pH levels and don’t forget your cranberry juice.

26. Why does my vagina smell funny? #ImPregnant
A change in your vaginal pH levels does more than just make you more susceptible to infections. As it becomes more acidic, your scent can become fishy. Such changes can be both unnoticeable or incredibly obvious. If you find these changes to be uncomfortable or embarrassing, just switch up your feminine hygiene products for versions designed to maintain healthy vaginal pH levels like Clean & Dry.

27. Why is my vagina so sweaty?
Vaginas can sweat for various reasons, and at other times, for no reason at all. A common cause of vagina sweat is exercise. However, your crotch may also be sweating for no reason other than the choice of undergarments and pants you put on from day to day. Synthetic fabrics are known for causing your body’s temperature to heat up, which will naturally make you sweat. To make matters worse, these fabrics don’t soak up the sweat so you’re left uncomfortable and well, sweaty. This also puts you at risk of bacterial infections. Tight clothing is also a culprit of crotch sweat. With no room for the heat and sweat to go, this traps in bacteria which can also lead to infections. Crotch sweat can also be caused by a thyroid problem, poor vaginal hygiene, and menopause. So if a change in fabrics, habits and vaginal products doesn’t fix the problem, you may want to speak with your physician.

28. Should I be worried about vaginal sweat?
It’s easy to assume that a little vaginal sweat can’t do any harm, other than cause discomfort and embarrassment, but don’t be mistaken. A female’s intimate regions are incredibly delicate and fragile, and surprisingly highly susceptible to infections if not taken care of properly. In fact, sitting in sweaty underwear, pants or workout clothes can cause a build-up of bacteria with no room to escape. The only place for the bacteria to go is the one direction you don’t want it to, and this can result in various infections such as yeast infections, bladder infections, fungal infections and even skin irritations. So if the sweat and the undesirable scent aren’t enough to encourage you to treat the problem, the risk of infection should. Plus, maintaining a healthy vagina is so easy to do; there’s really no reason not to. With Clean & Dry’s range of intimate care products there’s no way you can go wrong!

29. How do I treat my sweaty vagina?
The secret to treating vagina sweat is to prevent it altogether. This should start right in the morning when you’re preparing to tackle the day. Sprinkle some Clean & Dry’s intimate powder in your underwear that is designed to absorb wetness. Swap out regular body washes for Clean & Dry’s feminine washes when you clean down there. These are created with women in mind, and have formulas to help maintain a healthy vaginal pH level, which may also be the culprit to your sweaty scent. It’s also important to wash regularly, especially after a sweat session. Pack feminine wipes in your gym bag and purse, and wash up whenever you feel like things down there are too sweaty for comfort. Lastly, focus on the fabrics you’re subjecting your femininity too. Synthetic fabrics, tight clothes and even workout gear can be a recipe for vagina sweat. So either upgrade your wardrobe or change out of sweaty clothes as quickly as possible. A sweaty vagina is not what you want. It’s irritating and uncomfortable, and can even lead to worse problems. Fortunately, treating the undesirable symptoms of vagina sweat is incredibly simple. You just need to wash properly with feminine products and change up your wardrobe to keep the vagina sweat (and risk of infections) at bay.

30. Underwear Don’ts #1
Your Vagina Hates Bleach This underwear tip goes knickers-in-knickers with the prior. Your vagina hates bleach. It’s simply too harsh for your lady bits and for your undergarments. It can cause awful vaginal irritation, and can even break down the fibres of your underwear, which can be a costly mistake. So, if your white undies are looking dull and dreary, toss them instead of washing them with bleach.

31. Underwear Don’ts #2
Your Vagina Doesn’t Like Thongs To be fair, thongs and G-strings aren’t bad for your vagina. However, they can cause bacteria from your backside to be dragged to your vagina, which can result in uncomfortable infections. In worse cases, bacteria from your backside entering your vagina can cause pelvic inflammatory disease or bladder problems. So try to wear underwear that covers a bit, if not all of your cheeks to keep things clean and healthy.

32. Underwear Don’ts #3
Your Vagina Has a Size If you’ve ever tried to squeeze into a pair of pants that are simply too small, then you’ll be able to relate to the struggles your vagina experiences when wearing the wrong size of underwear. Similar to pants, squishing your lady bits into underwear that just doesn’t fit is uncomfortable, irritating and can make it hard to breathe. Always wear underwear that fits properly to ensure that your vagina can enjoy some airflow throughout the day.

33. Is Sitting in Wet Clothing or a Bathing Suit harmful?
Everyone loves sitting on the sandy shores or on the pool deck, basking in the sun in between frequent dips into the water. However, your desire for tan lines and a sun-kissed glow could cause what is often referred to as, “crotch rot”. Now, if that’s not a term to get you interested in your intimate health, we don’t know what is. Sitting in a wet bathing suit or even wet, sweaty bottoms can cause bacteria to grow, which will result in a bad odour – or worse, infections. So keep your vagina nice and dry, and never sit in a bathing suit for too long. If need be, sprinkle on some Clean & Dry intimate powder to soak up extra moisture.

34. What is the number one period don’t?
Getting your period is rarely an exciting moment. The cramps, pain and discomfort are one thing, and then having to use sanitary napkins or tampons, only to change them several times a day is a drag. But regardless of how annoying a period can be, not changing your feminine products every 5-7 hours is not only unsanitary, but it’s quite dangerous as well. So, stay on top of this tip for a healthy vagina. Wash your vagina with Clean & Dry’s Daily Intimate Wash.

35. So what if my clothes are too tight? I look good!
If you got it, flaunt it, right? Well, this theory could be trapping in all kinds of moisture and bacteria, causing your vagina to be at a higher risk of infection. Stick with breathable fabrics (or at the least, breathable underwear) if tight clothes are prominent within your wardrobe.

36. Is grooming necessary down there?
Grooming your intimate area isn’t only a trend, but it’s also quite hygienic. While some say that pubic hair is there to protect your lady bits from potential harm, such as bacteria and infections, many argue the opposite. The secret is to trim your pubic hair until it’s short, and if you’re going to remove it completely, avoid using razors to do so.

37. Do I have to shower after sex?
We get it. The last thing you want to do after getting intimate with your partner is taking a bath or shower. However, body fluids and particles from condoms and adult toys can cause infection. The good news is that you don’t have to spend more than a couple of seconds washing up. Just do a thorough wipe down with feminine wipes or Clean & Dry’s intimate wash to keep things clean and fresh.